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Advertising guidelines 2021.pdf

Advertising guidelines for job advertisements

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HR-PRO-021 Annual Leave.pdf

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) recognises the need for rest from work to refresh body and mind, and to achieve a genuine work-life balance. The ACBC encourages workers to take regular breaks from work to enhance their quality of life. Workers and supervisors should give consideration to the prevention of injury and illness through physical and mental fatigue. This ACBC procedure outlines the entitlement and arrangements for taking annual leave.

Associated documents:

  document Application for Leave of Absence Form (29 KB)

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HR-PRO-040 ACBC Code of Conduct.pdf

Guided by the principles of Catholic Social Teachings, this Code of Conduct describes the standards of conduct and behaviour expected of Australian Catholic Bishops Conference workers, volunteers,contractors and those who work in partnership with the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.  

The Code of Conduct provides a shared, plain English understanding and expectation of the way we behave as individuals, towards each other, those we serve, our partners, donors and associates.

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HR-PRO-024 Compassionate Leave.pdf

The ACBC recognises that from time to time there will be situations where workers at ACBC agencies will have to deal with a death or a life-threatening illness of a family or household member. The entitlement to compassionate leave allows ACBC workers to take time off to care for themselves and their families and members of their household during these times.

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HR-PRO-005 Conditions of Employment.pdf

The procedure below describes the process for review, amendment, approval and distribution of ACBC Conditions of Employment.

The current ACBC Conditions of Employment can be accessed here:

pdf ACBC Conditions of Employment (287 KB)

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HR-PRO-035 Delegation of Authority.pdf

As a ministry of the Roman Catholic Church, the administration of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference agencies occurs within both civil law and canon law jurisdictions. Accordingly, our governance processes must incorporate aspects of the Code of Canon Law. There are important concepts within Canon Law that underpin the delegated authority identified in this document. The purpose of this procedure is to implement this philosophy by providing guidelines to make valid decisions in respect to both Civil and Canon Law.

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HR-PRO-031 Employee Assistance Program.pdf

The ACBC recognises that a range of personal or work-related factors can affect an employee's abilitiy to fulfil their role in the organisation.  The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can assist with these issues.  The attached document provides details on the EAP and the contact details for ACCESS Programs who currently deliver this service for the ACBC. This program is available to current employees of ACBC agencies.The attached document provides details on the program and the contact details for ACCESS Programs.

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HR-PRO-006 Employment Contracts.pdf

A contract of employment is enforceable in law whether it is a verbal agreement or in writing.  It is concerned with the rights and duties of the employer and the employee and defines the nature of their relationship.

A written contract of employment can be in the form of a letter of offer or appointment or a more formal contract document.  These documents should be given careful consideration as they form the basis of the legal relationship between the employer and the employee.

It is strongly recommended that all matters regarding the initial employment, or changes to the employment, are recorded in writing for future reference.

This is ACBC's procedure for recording contracts of employment (Letters of Offer)  

document Letter of Offer - Ongoing, full-time (52 KB)

document Letter of Offer - Ongoing, part-time (51 KB)

document Letter of Offer - Maximum Term, full-time (50 KB)

document Letter of Offer - Maximum Term, part-time (51 KB)

document Letter of Offer - Inclusion in Casual Pool (48 KB)

document Letter of Offer -  Casual Offer (32 KB)

document Letter of Offer - Specific Task Parental Leave (51 KB)

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HR-PRO-032 Engagement of Clergy and Religious.pdf

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) aims to attract and retain the most suitably qualified workers. For this reason, the ACBC may engage the services of a member of the clergy or religious institute to fulfill a role within an ACBC Agency. This procedure applies to the engagement of members of the clergy and religious institutes in all ACBC agencies.

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HR-PRO-007 Engaging Independent Contractors.pdf

It is very important to be clear about whether the person to be engaged is an employee or an independent contractor.  Employers have legal responsibilities towards independent contractors that are quite different from their obligations to their employees. Independent contractors are those workers who are self employed (i.e. run their own business) and have a contract to provide services. A more comprehensive definition of “independent contractor” is given in this procedure.
The aim of this procedure is to provide guidance on:

  • A clear and transparent process for the engagement of independent contractors
  • Legislative requirements in relation to employment, Work Health and Safety, accident compensation, superannuation and taxation

Associated documents:

document HR015 Contractor Checklist (102 KB)

document HR016 Independent Contractor Agreement (74 KB)

document HR017 Contractor Compliance Agreement (87 KB)

  pdf Management of Independent Contractors (305 KB)

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HR-PRO-014 Equal Employment Opportunity.pdf

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) appreciates the value inherent in a diverse workforce. Diversity may result from a range of factors: origin, age, gender, race, cultural heritage, lifestyle, education, disability, appearance, language and other factors. The ACBC values the differences between people and the contribution these differences make to the work carried out by our Agencies. The ACBC will actively manage diversity, finding ways of utilising the differences that exist, in order to improve the work we do. This requires that we actively and flexibly seek to accommodate the unique needs of our workers. Above all, the ACBC is committed to ensuring that all workers are treated with respect and dignity.

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HR-PRO-028 Excess Travel Time Guidelines.pdf

The purpose of this procedure is to set down clear guidelines for managing excess travel time with due respect to the needs of the agency, the health and safety of workers and worker’s family responsibilities.

These guidelines apply to all workers of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) whose position is covered by the Clerks Private Sector – Award 2010 with respect to travel on official business outside of their normal working hours. Where a worker is covered by another award, the award provisions regarding travel time, living away from home allowance, overtime and time in lieu in that award will apply.

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HR-PRO-038 Family and Domestic Violence Leave.pdf

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) is committed to ensuring that its workers and their families are supported should they experience family and domestic violence.  Violence in family and domestic relationships has no place in our society.  The ACBC will take seriously any disclosure of family and domestic violence and will provide appropriate support to its workers and their families.

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HR-PRO-019 Flexible Work Arrangements.pdf

This procedure outlines the general process to be followed when a worker requests to enter into a flexible work arrangement.

Associated documents:

document HR031 Request for Flexible Work Arrangements (29 KB)

document HR032 Flexible Work Arrangements Work Plan (368 KB)

document HR033 Communication Plan (347 KB)

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HR-PRO-026 Formation Development Leave and Retreat Leave.pdf

Formation development fosters the integration of a worker’s personal spiritual growth within their role and contribution to the mission of each Conference Agency and that of the Church. Activities undertaken during formation development leave are considered to be mandatory.

Retreat Leave is leave that is taken by a worker to foster personal spiritual growth and assist a worker to reflect upon their role and contribution to the mission of the Church. Activities undertaken during retreat leave are considered to be optional.

This is an outline of the matters to be considered and process to be followed when dealing with requests for formation development or retreat leave.

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HR-PRO-011 Grievances.pdf

The process to be used in dealing with grievances is outlined in the ACBC Conditions of employment.  Refer to the appropriate section in the ACBC Conditions of Employment for the recommended procedure.

Associated document:

pdf ACBC Conditions of Employment (287 KB)

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HR-PRO-033 Guidelines for the Use of Motor Vehicles.pdf

The purpose of this document is to set out clear guidelines for use of Conference-provided, privately owned, hired motor vehicles and any other motor vehicle used by ACBC workers in the course of their duties and other drivers authorised under this guideline.

Associated document:

document HR010 Motor Vehicle Accident Checklist (356 KB)

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HR-PRO-030 Higher Duties.pdf

This procedure gives guidance on the conditions and arrangements associated with the payment of a higher duty allowance.  An employee who is required to act in a position of higher classification than that which the employee usually occupies, or who is assigned responsibilities or duties which warrant the payment of a higher duties allowance shall be paid an allowance in accordance with this procedure.

Associated documents:

document HR035 Higher Duties (25 KB)

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HR-PRO-009 Induction.pdf

The purpose of an induction is to welcome formally new workers to the ACBC and the agency that they have joined.  It provides participants with an opportunity to gain an understanding of the agency’s culture, values and strategic agenda and delivers essential information about the agency's expectations of its workers in key areas including performance and Occupational Health and Safety.

A properly conducted induction should:

  • Reinforce the worker’s decision to join the ACBC Agency
  • Enable the worker to commence work in an effective manner
  • Clarify expectations
  • Promote enthusiasm about the worker’s role
  • Link the new worker to the ACBC Agency’s work and networking structures and
  • Provide information about the worker’s rights and obligations.

This procedure outlines the steps to complete for a successful and effective induction toour workplaces.

Associated document:

 HR014 Induction Checklist


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Interview Questions guidelines 2015.pdf

Sample interview questions